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About ZaraVista

ZaraVista’s goal is to satisfy the client wishes and desires. By the very nature of consulting, quite often some of the results of a consulting project are not tangible, or only loosely linked to the client’s actual needs or requirements.

  • The best idea to grow better
  • We expand your business
  • Broad vision, a successful strategy
  • Make a strategy for success
  • The best you can get from here

What We Do

ZaraVista provides services to help you manage your project effectively and saving your valuable time. You can choose what kind of consultancy you are looking for.

01 Strategy

Mapping processes to determine the starting point and the “Actual State” and optimize a process with a right combination of technologies.

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02 Design

We choose technologies and review options with the client. The client is part of the project from the very beginning and feedback is VITAL.

03 Develop

Weekly delivery of developments for the end user to operate and request for changes. It is IDEAL that the end user is part of the process of development and testing.

04 Evalute

These determine KPIs, reports and other metrics, per user, in order to monitor that process is working as agreed.

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